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Meijer SUCKS!!!!!

So, since our cupboards are bare, I decided I would stop at the Meijer in Wixom on my way home last night.  Little did I know that it would be a huge, gigantic waste of my time!!!!!!  

Almost half of the items on my grocery list they either didn't carry, or the shelves were empty!  For example, I wanted regular old canned, petite diced tomatoes.  They had petite diced w/green chillies, petite diced with onions, petite diced with this, that and whatever, but none of the plain kind!!!!!!  I was also looking for Omega 3 gel caps.  I give them to our dog every morning for her skin & coat.  They have them on sale this week for buy 1 get 1 free.  So,  I wanted the biggest quantity of the 1000mg gel caps I could find - ready for this? - they only had 1 bottle left!!!!!!!!!!

So I finally get fed up enough to get the h - e - double toothpicks out of dodge.  I go to a check out line with a lady because I have bottle return slips, and I brought bags.  I was the 3rd person in line - for 15 minutes!!!!!!!  She would pick up an item, look at it, casually turn it around looking for the barcode, scan it and then turn and put it on the belt.  Like the belt couldn't handle moving the item all by itself!!!!!!!!  So I gritted my teeth and went over to the scan it yourself line.  Scanned all my items, bagged them and then asked one of the ladies at the desk there for some help.  I told the lady that I had a bottle slip and brought 5 bags.  "Huh, did you scan it?"  Fine, I scanned the bottle slip, and asked again about the bags.  "Well, those aren't Meijer bags."  SO???  "You can by our bags for $1.00 and they fit more stuff."  Again, SO???  Do you get your 5 or 10 cents credit for brining in the Meijer bags?  "No."  Well what is the point then???????   Kroger gives you 5, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods give you 10, and it doesn't matter what bag it is, just that you brought it instead of using one of theirs and then throwing it away.  Her response, "well we don't do that anymore".  Do you know I totally should have taken 5 of their plastic bags just to be spiteful.  My boss always needs them for doggie pick-up cause they don't have a yard.

After that bit of fun I wanted to pay by check.  So I went up to the desk and the ugly, grumpy lady, said she had to go do whatever, and that the other lady would help me.  Help me right out the fracking window is more like it.  I asked her the total and she changed her mind 4 times!!!!!!  Then, once we got that straight I asked her if I needed to fill out the check or if the computer does it.  She assured me the computer will do it.  Inserted my check into the printer and then pushed the button that said - I hope you are sitting down for this bit - "Check filled out", so the printer spat it back out, she turned it right side up and put it back in for the printer to mark it for deposit.  So now I have a check, that is not filled out, and marked for deposit on the wrong fracking side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say, I will NEVER, EVER, EVER visit Meijers again!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and if you go online to complain, you have to create an account and pick a store near you.  Don't they realize people might stop for groceries on their way home????


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May. 31st, 2008 10:17 am (UTC)
There's a reason for the following at Meijer:
POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE: They have cut their staff four times in the past five years,
the latest was July, 2007 when they terminated over 500 managers. Departments have
been consolidated and the retained managers were forced to take a 10% reduction in
pay and although you're not officially required to work more than 48hrs, you WILL work over 60 if you want to keep your job. The result is tired, edgy and very rude managers who pass the attitude down to the hourly team members. Not a good formula for what Meijer calls "Excellent Customer Service".
MISSING ITEMS (Holes): They simply don't have the people to complete the stocking - the managers used to stock more before they were forced to take on larger areas, and
sometimes the logistics are so out of whack that items are shipped to the wrong locations, damaged in transit, misordered or not ordered at all.
Meijer used to be a good place to work until they set in motion one of the greatest cons in retailing, beginning in 2003 when they announced to their employees that
because of looming competitionh from Walmart, there would have to be significant cost-cutting. It was presented as a matter of survival, but in reality, Meijer was
never in danger and was well-positioned to compete. For example, Kroger has much higher prices than Meijer and they compete quite well. As a private stock company,
Meijer is not required to make their finances public, but they do have a board of directors who used to be soley Meijer family members but because they were not
publically traded, they never had huge amounts of cash for growth, so they had to create Limited Partnerships to build nerw stores. Those investors demanded a place
on the board in order to monitor Meijer's financials and protect their investment.
They were never concerned about the long-term health of the company, but were only concerned about getting a good return on their investment so cutting
labor was the prioity with no concern for it's negative effects, both short and long term.
In order to make those cuts, manager was turned against manager, performance appraisals were (and still are) literally fraudulent. Cliques were formed for protection and those who were actually concerned about their performance and possessed a conscience and were principled were viewed as outsiders and were easy targets for termination. The result was just the opposite of what Meijer described each round of terminations as "getting the right people in the right place". Rather, the incompetent
found an easy method of protecting their positions - just band together with other
less-than-capable managers and make certain that the "outsiders" get bad performance appraisals. I know of retained managers who are functional illiterates who cannot write a performance appraisal, so it's writtem for them and they just present it to the employee. Even at the market level (next position up from Store Director) there are
incredibly bad managers with no sense of organization or good business practices - they just "muddle through". The Ann Arbor, Bellevuille, Ypsilanti area is an example.
There's a virtual moran there as Market Director who has the moral foundation of a child. Leave her market for any reason and you will experience the vindictiveness of a 4 yr old. Yhat market has the highest turnover of any in the company, for no other reason than the Market Dirtector. Same for the Northville area Director some yrs ago.
I think he was demoted to Maumee, but even at the store level, he's a liability. These people are rarely demoted unless the situation is so bad that they can no longer be protected. A good analogy would be trying to "hide" a baseballplayer in the field because he's a good hitter but a terrible fielder, but the ball eventually finds them.
Finally, the "Crisis of Competency" at Meijer is reflected in the lawsuits. Meijer is
continuously in court as a result of the stupid decisions of those who should have never been put in the position of "decision-maker" in the first place. So next time you hear of more Meijer propaganda about who they're cutting labor, considedr the facts.
May. 31st, 2008 03:16 pm (UTC)
Re: Meijer
WOW!! Thank you very much for all the info.
Nov. 21st, 2008 12:01 pm (UTC)
Random...very random comment to you 'bitch fest'. No, you do not know me.
First off, I agree with you that Meijer sucks. Believe me, it does.

But you are one of the customers I write about in my rant book, because things do not go your way. It's a grocery store, and it depends on the time and the day in which stuff is on the shelves. If you go shopping frantically at 9pm Saturday night, there will be nothing on the shelves. For the one bottle of the Omega pills, you should have asked for a raincheck for the free one.

And again, I see your point on the slow cashier. And when my fellow co-workers and I discovered we were no longer commencing the bag credit for five cense, we were just as upset as you were. We had the pleasure of telling hundreds of people that they could no longer receive credit for bringing in their own bags. That was fun. Go ahead and take as many plastic bags as you want. You wouldn't irritate anyone, I promise. Less for us to have to throw away.

Ugly, grumpy lady? How kind of you. Aren't you responsible and capable enough to read the screen to see what your total was instead of having to be silly and ask what the total is for you? Be self-reliant! I'm sorry that your precious check did not print out as you wanted. Blame technology, not the cashier.

Patience is a virture, and you have yet to learn that as compassion. Don't shop at Meijer anymore. I'm not either, but for different reasons. Good day.
Nov. 21st, 2008 01:16 pm (UTC)
Re: Random...very random comment to you 'bitch fest'. No, you do not know me.
I am so glad others feel my pain!

Just for interest, I looked in my checkbook and found that my visit was on a Tuesday, most probably around 3:30-4pm.
I totally feel for you about the bag thing, and I just can't understand Meijer's reasoning for it! I thought everyone, corporations included, were supposed to do their part to help the environment.
I meant ugly as in attitude and deportment, NOT in appearance. She just was obviously in a horrible mood, did not want to be bothered to help me or anyone else.
Actually I did try to read the total on the screen, but since there were 4 transactions on it, I could not for certain tell which one was mine. I am guessing she couldn't either - sorry evil me. No, I am not going to blame technology when the cashier was not paying enough attention to what she was doing. She is the one who pushed the "check filled out" button, then the "validate for deposit" button. Shouldn't she know what side the printer will print on? I think it is a pretty easy concept to understand.
Yes, I probably need more patience, but I had it up to my eyebrows with that store that day. Even very even tempered folks like myself eventually get fed up.
Happy not shopping at Meijer's and all my best,
Sep. 2nd, 2010 08:19 am (UTC)
I agree with your anonymous friend. You may feel you are patient, but patience requires you to be kind and calm at these very times. It was a collection of the smallest things, and you let it overcome you. This is the very test of patience, and you do not seem to possess it yet. I wish nothing but peace for you in the future.

Jan. 28th, 2011 09:02 am (UTC)
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